Visa Manager

At UK immigration Solutions we are committed to creating a simplified and structured immigration process for each and every client. In order to do this, we have an online portal called Visa Manager which provides an online facility to our clients.

By using Visa Manager, clients can see an easy-to-understand overview of their accounts, track the progress of each case, make enquiries and upload documents.

The Visa Manager has many benefits for our clients in providing a first calss service. Across the secure system, our clients can access information and make enquires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients can request reports and even track their migrant activity. Most importantly, the Visa Manager helps clients to manage their visa requirements accurately and competently.

Protected and easy to use, the Visa Manager offers a number of key benefits which facilitate the efficient handling of your immigration enquiries.


Fast response

Easy access

Full progress tracking