Data that we will process

We will process data such as your personal details, address/s, immigration history, family members information, evidence of residence in the UK, which service providers you use and any information that the Home Office or overseas UK British diplomatic post require for the decision making process of your application. We will also process any data which you explicitly request is provided to the Home Office.

Why we will process your data

1. Your data will be processed by our company for the purposes of the immigration services which you are to engage us for. We will only process data which we require for the completion of you or your family members application/s.
The data will be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject.

2. We will ensure that we keep all the information that we hold is up to date and accurate. We will request that you inform us as soon as any of your circumstances change to ensure that the information that we hold is correct.

Who holds your data?

We will request and process data for you in line with your requirements under the services that we offer and you had instructed us for. The data will be held on our own private server and is not shared with any third parties for marketing or any other purpose and hardcopies of your file.
The data is only accessible via our own in-house custom desktop application which has restricted access for only authorised users.

How your data is used?

We will request that data is emailed to us or sent to us via a secure server. If you wish to send us or receive information containing your personal data via post without the use of any digital means, then please advise us of the same and we will ensure compliance.

Storage of data

We will store your data for 6 years in line with the requirements of the OISC, who are our regulatory body once your matter has been concluded. Should you wish to request copies of the information that we hold for you, we will aim to provide this for you on our server as an icloud file within 5 working days.

The data received is entered into our in-house application and stored on our private database which is only accessible by authorised personnel.

Any digital images/documents are stored on secure cloud service which is only accessible by authorised personnel.

Sharing of data

We will only share data we hold or request with the Home Office. We will not share data with third parties such as your employer, family members, friends or health officials without your prior consent. This consent will be required to be given in writing.